Risen Guitar 的興起,就彷彿地平線乍出的那第一道曙光

2008年,Risen創辦人黃治元老師 ( 阿治老師 )

在反覆的討論之後,第一把Risen Guitar 終於誕生 !

在老師的堅持之下,Risen Guitar 從結構到音色,都嚴格的管控。

一直到現在,每一隻Risen Guitar 依舊由老師以及 Risen團隊嚴格把關,



The rise of “Risen Guitar” is like the first light that ever shone from the horizon. It shined through the air naturally and genuinely. Thus, we follow carefully and slowly with its extending and everlasting beam of light for pursuing the purest and the nature from wood lines.

In 2008, the founder of Risen Guitar, Mr. Chih-Yuan Huang, started to write articles for different brands of guitars. Not only did he assure the quality for guitar lovers, he also became the beacon for them. After years of examining the uniqueness of different brands, he started to wondered, “Why couldn’t we establish our own brand and create a guitar that we have full belief in?”

Finally, in 2014, Huang found a Luthier who shared the same belief with him. After several discussions, the first “Risen Guitar” was born. With the insistence of these Luthiers, the structure and timbre of “Risen Guitar” was securely guarded. Made fully and constructed by different woods, every “Risen Guitar” has its own unique personality. The connection between its neck and body was strengthen while the neck itself was designed to be lighter.

Ever since the first “Risen Guitar” was born, the quality of every “Risen Guitar” is secured and guarded by teachers and Risen team. By holding the initial spirit and never stop researching and innovating, we look forward to using the sound from the wood, to record the simplicity of life.




【Wood】Every piece and part of the guitar is decorated with different kinds, colors, and texture of wood. The display is natural and fully shows the beauty of woods. The top panel was selected to be made from Spruce; the back and side was made from India Rosewood, Mahogany, and Ovankol. Other parts are decorated with Maple, Rosewood, Mahogany and others.

【真】Risen Guitars 有著乾淨清晰的聲音回響,敏銳度高的顆粒,延音綿延柔長的特色。

【Pure】Risen Guitar brings clear and clean sound that each sound is highly sensitive, and the sustain is extended warmly and gently.

【人】Risen Guitars 重視每位彈奏者的舒適度,各種手感細節都在嚴格的控管下生產出來,從工廠端到維修品管師傅手中,層層確認,最終將弦距調整設定完整 ! 琴到您的手中,只需要專注用心的彈奏它 !

【People】Risen Guitar values the comforts of every player. Every details for the playing is securely guarded when manufacturing. From manufacturer to maintenance, every single detail was double confirmed until each strings was adjusted to its perfect distance between each other. When the Guitar arrives in a player’s hand, he or she will only need to be focused on playing it.